We met the friendly people at Fishing Friendzy last summer during the CNE.

Our girls, Alexandra and Leah learned how to cast a line at the demonstration area and they had so much fun doing it. They asked us to buy them fishing rods and we did. We went fishing at the Pinery Provincial Park this summer and both girls caught sunfish. They were thrilled!

Thank you to the lovely folks at Fishing Friendzy for introducing the love of fishing to our family.

We have a great time every year at your spot at the CNE!

Your fishing friendz… Mary, Paul, Alexandra and Leah

“This was great. My kids will remember this as the highlight of their trip to the CNE”

“What a great event teaching kids how to fish. The staff were amazing with my son. Thanks and keep up the great work. See you next year”

“This is a fantastic idea to introduce kids into fishing. Had a great time with my son. Lots of luck in the future”

“Fantastic opportunity for the kids to try fishing for the first time -really enjoyed it”

“Very Good set up. Super for the youngsters, Thanks, Kids loved it”

“A really well put together exhibit. Great for kids.My daughter’s loved it. Well Done”

“Thank for a fun experience. the girls that worked here were fantastic and helped our 5yr old Grace catch a catfish. Made her day!”

“Great atmosphere. Super awesome people running the fishing pond. Very personable and helpful. Takes a lot for my little girl to try new things. She was very relaxed and had a great time!. Thank you”

“Awesome experience. MIke is very knowledgable. What a great exhibit to give kids an experience they might not normally get to”

“Great Job. Awesome for the little ones, Good Luck,hope to see you guys next year!”

“Great way to introduce kids to fishing. My son is hooked”

“What a great experience for kids. The view of nature is great for their understanding of the world”

“Such an amazing concept and idea for the family. My sons loved being able to participate. Friendly staff. Keep up the good work”

“Great for kids, first time they caught a fish”

“My son had so much fun , we can’t wait to share the picture of the fish he caught with his grandparents. Thanks for the awesome experience”

“I love the fish that i caught and it was the fish that i wanted”

“Great exhibit for the kids. My daughter (7yrs) loved it. She actually learned how to hold a fishing rod and cast it. (1st time) The young man who was assisting her was amazing. Thanks so much”

“Excellent experience for my 5 yr old. The people helping were fantastic and a great help making it a wonderful and memorable experience”

“I had so much fun! I could do that a million more times”

“Love the fish catching experience. My kids have never caught a real fish before. So much fun and so friendly the staff”

“I think it was an amazing experience and I hope to play again next year”

“We really enjoyed the hands on activities for the kids. Something for everyone. Especially the real fish. Again next year”

“Had a great time, my two girls loved it, they both caught their FIRST fish.
Good Job. Keep it up”

“What a wonderful idea to introduce fishing to everyone. My daughter is 2 1/2 and loved Michael helping her catch a catfish”

“Fishing was great. Isabella (3yrs) learned a lot about fishing and caught her first fish. Exciting time for her, thank you. Please come again”

“Fishing Friendzy is amazing. My daughter can’t stop talking about catching a fish. Please come back next year”

“My son has a disability. Mike did a great job of taking his time with my son so he was able to catch a fish. It made my son’s day. Really hope to see you next year. I loved it”

“Mike and Melissa, Nice Display. Very age appropriate”

“My son had a great time. Thanks. PS. I hope to see you guys next year”

“First time my son has gone fishing. Thanks. Great Idea. Please come back next year.”

“Great idea for all ages. Kids had a blast. Cant wait to see it again next year”

“An interesting exhibit. Fun Learning for all ages”

“The live fish had my 3 year olds attention right away!”

“Wonderful for the city kids! Excellent addition to the EX. Thank you!”

“First time catching a fish. Really enjoyed it. Fun and educational. Would come again.”

“My 7 year old daughter caught her very first fish ever today at the CNE.
Thanks everyone.”

“We Caught a fish, we caught a fish. Exciting. Come back next year”

“I really like this idea of teaching children about fishing and nature. The interactive approach is extremely great.”

“What a great idea to introduce kids into fishing. My boys love the hands on activities. Good Luck to Mike in future exhibits. The sky’s the limit with this idea”

“The kids had a great time! They enjoyed the crayfish also! Very hospitable owners”

“Best new exhibit this year at The Farm”

“Terrific exhibit! Congratulations on your ambition, drive and knowledge. Good Luck”

“Great Idea to get the kids out of the house and fish!”

“Really enjoyed the exhibit. I think all kids should learn and experience catching a fish. Great work!”

“Great speaking with you and thanks for all the information regarding kids fishing and I look forward to your future emails” Great Site at the CNE! Thanks Again”

“My family really loved the fishing and my daughter really loved the creative art. PS I will come again next year it was fun for the whole family”

“Fantastic idea, counld not get my kids to leave…they loved it! Staff was extremely knowledgable and kind, patient with the kids. Come back again.”

“Kids absolutely loved this. They want to go fishing now! Thanks for putting the love of outdoors into my kids”

“This was our favorite spot at the EX this year! The staff was great. Now I have to buy my kids fishing rods!”

“Great experience on our holidays”

“This was a great experience! You guys are doing a wonderful job alternatives to playing video games! Good luck to you”

“Great fee activity for kids big and little”

“This fishing area is great! I am so happy to see another child friendly exhibit/activity here at the CNE. My kids throughly enjoyed it and had a blast. I hope you return next year”

“This is fantastic. The casting is a whole lot of fun and so is the fishing. My kids loved it and my husband fished with them. Quite a family moment. Reminds me of fishing as a kid using hot dogs as bait. Thanks for the fun memories”

“My grand daughter was so fascinated by everything here! She just loved fishing. =) Well done! The workers were of great help and very pleasant”

“This place needed to be done years earlier. My kids already fish, but this is the only place they didn’t complain they were bored!. IT doesn’t get much better than this. CNE needs to do a little advertising for the fishing. Keep up the good work”