Who We Are

Who We Are

Fishing Friendzy is a family owned company run by a husband and wife team, Michael and Melissa Sklad.

Their dedication to educating kids about fishing has grown Fishing Friendzy to be leaders of kids catching their very first fish. Michael and Melissa believe that kids and parents need to spend more time in nature bonding with each other and getting in touch with our natural environment.

Through their passion of fishing they have brought fishing to families who don’t have someone or somewhere to teach them how or where to fish. Being positive role models and encouraging parents to research places and events to take their children fishing is so important to the future of our fisheries.

Kids are the future and by instilling the love for fishing in them Michael and Melissa believe when those children grow up to be politicians, CEO’s, teachers and more, they will make those choices that will benefit our environment.

We encourage catch and release but its much more than that. Connecting kids to nature will ensure they have a deep appreciation for it and will in turn protect it. Always be open to learning new things and seeing from someone else’s perspective.

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