Facts & Pricing

Show Description:

Fishing Friendzy is an Educational and Interactive Fishing World for Kidz.
Dedicated to Creating a Fantastic Experience that will Leave a
Positive Memory for the Entire Family and all Friendz.
Bite into this New Age Trend, which Encourages Kidz to Learn About the Great Outdoors,
Safety and Respect for the Environment.
Set your Hook, Line and Sinker into this Opportunity and get Caught up in the Friendzy of Fishing.

Show Length: Event hours (not exceeding 10 hours)

Show Supplies:

The Ultimate Fishing Experience includes: 12 Interactive Stations
Bait Shop, Fish Eye View, Tackle Box, Bulls Eye, Fish Derby, Knots of Fun, Create a Fish, Fishy Photo,
Fish Gutz, Life Saver, Fish Wish, and Catch of the Day- Gift shop – Character Themed Merchandise.
Event themed Music
Hand washing stations
All necessary equipment
Personnel experienced to answer questions and help patrons
All fish and worms – patrons do not have to handle if they choose not to.
$1 million liability insurance policy

Buyer Supplies:

Parking for 1x  20′ trailer and 2 vehicles
4 people to help load-in and load-out (roughly 6 hours each)
(6) Separate 110 amp circuits
Water supply near show site – available during set up and through duration –
Approx. 5,000 to 7,000 gallons of water is needed.
2 Hotel rooms for 3 nights prior, duration and 2 nights after the event.
Perimeter/Interior barricades based on finalized drawings
2 cases of Bottled water per day (48 bottles)

Area Needed:

5,000 to 7,500 square feet
The event is designed in components to allow for alterations in the floor plan
Indoor or Outdoor events
Set up and Tear down: 4 days for set up; 3 days for tear down

Set up and Tear down: 4 days for set up; 2 days for tear down

Please contact us for pricing.
For booking information contact
647 296 4796 | Sklad Productions Ltd | mike@fishingfriendzy.com | www.fishingfriendzy.com