Arron Slater

Fishing Friendzy – USA Manager

I started fishing at a very young age. My father and grandfather used to take us out on a small boat, I got extremely hooked one day when I was out fishing with my father on that boat. An enormous fish hooked me that day. We were catfishing with fairly light tackle and something huge took our bait. From the small 12 foot aluminum boat the fish seemed to drag the entire boat back and forth around that small part of the lake. After a few minutes, I finally managed to surface the fish. To my father’s and my disbelief, a huge Flathead catfish probably in the 50 lb range or higher surfaced. As my father reached over to grab the fish’s mouth, it made one giant lunge and snapped the line. From that moment on, I always asked to go back and when I got big enough to fish on my own, I did. It took me 15 years later, and I finally learned enough to not just catch a fish that size, but do it consistently. I’m now on the lake as much as time allows.

Today I don’t just fish. I own and operate Dragon’s Custom Rods, building hand crafted fishing rods and repairing rods for those of us that need them fixed. Along with my wife and children, I volunteer in my spare time with our Local Games and Parks Commission to put on Family fishing Clinics, supplying all equipment needed, to get kids and the families outside fishing. Along those lines, we now sponsor and run Youth shoreline fishing tournaments to our local state here in the USA and award the kids that catch the most and biggest fish each tournament. Meeting up with Fishing Friendzy and Mike and Melissa in 2009 just added to the passion to get kids fishing.

I just love the smiles we can put on the kids faces. Nothing beats those smiles or warms the hearts of anyone like that first catch, or biggest fish. I’m not sure I could ever do anything else in my life. This is a dream come true and it makes me feel the richest anyone could ever be. Get the kids fishing and teach them right. They are our future.