Mark Medeiros

My fishing story begins like most others, with your parents. My dad started bringing me fishing when I was old enough to hold a rod. Once I caught my very first fish by myself which was a blue Gill, I was hooked. My parents divorced when I was about 5 years old so my fishing time was now limited to every second weekend at best. After years of not being able to fish I decided to bring back my love of fishing when I bought my first rod and reel 6 years ago along with some tackle and now today I have all the equipment I could need and then some. Over the course of my life fishing has taught me many things but if I had to pick one that stands out it’s that you can never stop learning, which is what I love most about it. Fishing is a constant learning experience. You think you have the fish all figured out and then seconds later they hit you with a curve ball and shut off. That’s when you can say i give up or learn and adapt to the patters and let the fish tell you what you want. Since I joined the FishingFriendzy team in 2015 I have been able to connect with some really good hearted people who share the same passion as I do. When then get to teach the things we learn with others, share stories and get people involved in ethical fishing and how to protect our environment which in the end is what really matters.