Melissa Sklad

I first started fishing when my family would go up to a friends cottage on Balsam Lake. We would sit on the edge of the dock catching sunfish and perch for hours. I have to admit it was very exciting.

It wasn’t until I met my husband and now business partner Michael Sklad that fishing came back into my life. And I caught him hook, line and sinker! Our dates consisted of outdoor adventures and trips to the cottage with romantic canoe rides and lots of fishing!!! Like a lot!

I went to school for interior design so fishing for hours at all times of the day/night was not my kind of thing. I just liked to make spaces look pretty! But when we were given an opportunity to combine his passion for fishing and my love for design, Fishing Friendzy was born. I have enjoyed every moment of this journey and although it is just the beginning I know that what we are doing is going to bring a positive change in many people’s lives and a difference to our earth.

We are a power couple! We both love the outdoors, we both love to teach, but more importantly we both love to see a child smile. This business means so much to us and now having a daughter of our own my love for fishing is starting to rekindle as I now get to watch my 3 year old cast over and over and over again as clearly she shares the same passion as her daddy. I am a very proud wife and mother.