Richard Elliott

Born into Fishing, with my Father & 10 Uncles all crazy about Fishing we all caught the bug I just decided to keep it lol, I’ve been told numerous times that I was heading across a bridge on the way home from fishing at about 5 years old & threw my fishing rod into the water saying it wasn’t any good because it didn’t catch fish lol, I have 2 Sons 30 & 26 years old & a Daughter 31 years old & 2 Grand Daughters & I helped organize a canoe trip on most long weekends when they were growing up with as many as 36 Kids & Adults usually on the Saugeen River, my Kids started Canoeing about 2 years old & had their first fishing rod at 2 years old with their own tackle boxes. I’m a member of the Waterloo/Wellington Canadian Bass Anglers Federation and was on the CBAF Team Ontario that fished Lake Champlain in 2009 & Lake Huron Fishing Club where I re-started the LHFC In-Class School Salmon Hatchery Program in 2010-11 with 1 School, in 2011-12 we had 3 and in 2012-13 we had 10 Schools, in 2013-14 we had 17 Schools, in 2014-15 we had 21 Schools, Started a partnership with Bluewater Anglers and their 3 schools, United Fish and Game Clubs of Manitoulin and their 1 School, Sydenham Sportsmen Association and 2 of their 4 Schools and Bruce Peninsula Sportsmen Association with 1 of SSA school in partnership with LHFC. I’m hoping to expand the Program into other schools as Funding & Volunteers come forward.
Here is my Blog’s:

Cate Sklad

I learned how to fish at a young age and would often be part of fishing trips at the cottage with my father and two older brothers. Sometimes, it was by choice; other times, because I had to. Fishing quickly became a passion for me growing up. My dad (Edju) would keep me occupied for hours getting the birds’ nests out of his fishing reels.

I love to target largemouth bass in shallow water using weed-less baits and want to learn more about fishing for different species. I love learning about fishing and love teaching others about fishing. Being in nature is so important to my wellbeing and is a healthy part of my life. My big accomplishment this year was out fishing my dad.

Deb Thomson

Ben McWhinney

Mark Thomson

I began fishing at age 14 fishing for bass at lake Simcoe, and walleye on sturgeon lake where fishing soon became an addiction.
Fishing for trout and salmon in the credit river in the spring and fall kept me out of trouble.
Learning about everything to do with fish soon became more than a hobby and expanded to formal education in Lindsay Ontario at Sir Sandford Fleming college. Taking courses on fish and wildlife , parks , forestry and aquaculture expanded my knowledge and success in fishing.
An opportunity to teach fishing for kids to adults new to the sport came during my post collegiate years . Working for the city of Mississauga parks department at night teaching all the methods to become a successful angler was the beginning of my teaching career.
Later in life I decided to teach full time and was fortunate to become a secondary school teacher in peel district.
Starting a fishing club at my school after hours soon became a priority after teaching for 2 years. Getting professional anglers , television personalities and passionate anglers to speak to the students about how they became interested in the sport of fishing soon expanded to a full curriculum of lessons.
My efforts were rewarded in 2013 by being presented the Inspirational award by the city of Brampton for the work done encouraging outdoor extra-curricular activities to our intercity students and follow their passion!
Later in my career new challenges took over my passion fishing in bass tournaments across Ontario . My partner Lynda and I have completed a successful showing most recently winning the largest largemouth bass and a respectful 19th place overall at the Canadian tire Mitchell’s bay open on lake St Clair .
My future will continue to involve teaching new students and adults to the great sport of fishing !

Mark Medeiros

My fishing story begins like most others, with your parents. My dad started bringing me fishing when I was old enough to hold a rod. Once I caught my very first fish by myself which was a blue Gill, I was hooked. My parents divorced when I was about 5 years old so my fishing time was now limited to every second weekend at best. After years of not being able to fish I decided to bring back my love of fishing when I bought my first rod and reel 6 years ago along with some tackle and now today I have all the equipment I could need and then some. Over the course of my life fishing has taught me many things but if I had to pick one that stands out it’s that you can never stop learning, which is what I love most about it. Fishing is a constant learning experience. You think you have the fish all figured out and then seconds later they hit you with a curve ball and shut off. That’s when you can say i give up or learn and adapt to the patters and let the fish tell you what you want. Since I joined the FishingFriendzy team in 2015 I have been able to connect with some really good hearted people who share the same passion as I do. When then get to teach the things we learn with others, share stories and get people involved in ethical fishing and how to protect our environment which in the end is what really matters.

Rob Hara

Hi, my name is Rob Hara. As far back as I can remember, I have loved to fish. From a dock, from the shore or in a boat, I fished. Skip ahead to the present day and that passion hasn’t changed. I’ve learned that fishing is not always about catching the big one, but about being on the water spending time with family and friends.

Mason Kowalishen

Hi everyone. I am currently fishing so when I’m done I’ll write up a brief history of myself for you all to read here. In the mean time… go fish!

Melissa Sklad

I first started fishing when my family would go up to a friends cottage on Balsam Lake. We would sit on the edge of the dock catching sunfish and perch for hours. I have to admit it was very exciting.

It wasn’t until I met my husband and now business partner Michael Sklad that fishing came back into my life. And I caught him hook, line and sinker! Our dates consisted of outdoor adventures and trips to the cottage with romantic canoe rides and lots of fishing!!! Like a lot!

I went to school for interior design so fishing for hours at all times of the day/night was not my kind of thing. I just liked to make spaces look pretty! But when we were given an opportunity to combine his passion for fishing and my love for design, Fishing Friendzy was born. I have enjoyed every moment of this journey and although it is just the beginning I know that what we are doing is going to bring a positive change in many people’s lives and a difference to our earth.

We are a power couple! We both love the outdoors, we both love to teach, but more importantly we both love to see a child smile. This business means so much to us and now having a daughter of our own my love for fishing is starting to rekindle as I now get to watch my 3 year old cast over and over and over again as clearly she shares the same passion as her daddy. I am a very proud wife and mother.

Michael Sklad

I am the owner and creator of Fishing Friendzy. My long time passion for fishing is the reason my wife Melissa and I started this company.

How I started fishing:
I was actually born with a spinning rod in my hand. I was fortunate enough to have a dad who taught me how to fish. Himself and his best friend (my “Uncle George”) would take me fishing, along with any of the other kids who wanted to come, in their trusty Coleman canoes. We fished up at my parents cottage every summer in small swampy lakes up in Barry’s Bay. We would catch Pike, Sunfish, Rockbass, Perch, Smallmouth Bass, the odd Walleye, but we mostly went after Largemouth Bass. I remember sitting in the middle of the canoe on a metal bar for hours because my older brother got the front seat most of the time fishing and learning from my father. As the years passed, summer after summer I would spend months at the cottage. As I grew up and started high school where hanging with friends was the popular thing to do during the summer,  I opted to continue going up to the cottage just so I could spend endless hours on the water surrounded by nature.

Y Casting Competitions 1What I love most about fishing:

What I love most about fishing is the thrill you get that split second when you realize you have a fish at the end if your line. It’s that moment when your topwater bait is sitting peacefully right beside a log and all of a sudden “SPLASH” a fish explodes out of the water to eat what it thinks is it’s next meal. It’s that moment when you pull out a fish bigger than you’ve ever caught before.
But there is much more than those moments when your out fishing that makes it so enjoyable. It’s the time spent with family and friends bonding over those coveted fish stories, and those times being one with nature, seeing the most beautiful things people only see on national geographic shows. It’s those times you will never forget.

Fishing Friendzy:

My love for fishing and being on the water grew as I got older and it also started to become more than a personal passion. It was because of a passion I felt in my heart that I needed to share with others. With the help of my girlfriend at the time (now wife) Melissa we created a mobile interactive, educational fishing exhibit that we could bring anywhere so that we could teach kids and families that might not have the opportunity to learn how to fish.

Maybe because no one in there family had any knowledge of fishing, or maybe because they lived in the city and are unaware of how many great fishing opportunities there really are in urban areas. From being able to pass on our fishing knowledge and be positive role models to kids and families to get out and enjoy nature, it has meant the world to me and it is what I feel I was born to do.

Being an ambassador of fishing is something that all fishermen and women should focus more on as we are the future of fishing and kids are the future of our society. Teaching kids how to fish will bring them closer to nature and will help them respect our environment so one day when they grow up to be CEO’s, Politicians, Mothers and Fathers they will make the right environmental choices based on their love for fishing.

Fishing Friendzy is a place where we can educate in a fun controlled environment that is filled with positivity from everyone who has come together to help us out each year. I love fishing and I love this planet. I have a message to pass on to the most powerful people on this earth, KIDS. Grab a fishing rod and a friend and go explore the lakes and rivers in your own backyards. Go on some amazing adventures which can all start by opening the door and getting away from the screens in your life.
No one hangs photos on the fridge of their kids playing video games!
Fish it up!