Shi Slater

I got into fishing when I was a baby. Ever since I could hold a fishing rod. I would be out at the lake with my parents, Arron and Erin Slater, every day. When I grew up a little bit they would let me do what I needed to do by myself and I wouldn’t need them there to help a whole lot. Today, I don’t need their help at all, because I know how to do it all by myself. My parents let me get into fishing because I liked what they were doing and I wanted to do the same thing. I now build rods with my dad and can tie my own fishing flies.

What I love most about fishing is getting to be outside and now I’m get to help kids and families get out and can teach them how to fish, because of my parents volunteer work they do with Games and Parks and Fishing Friendzy. Along with the many youth tournaments and children’s fishing clinics they put on. I love to be outside and with fishing it helps me get outside more and not be stuck inside.