Erin Slater

Growing up I didn’t do much fishing, but I was a “pool rat”!!! I’ve always been an outdoors person. Growing up my dad and I would go to the lake to go boating, tubing, swimming, and camping!!! I really got started fishing when I met my husband. Our dates would consist of going to the lake and going fishing. We rarely went to the movies or dinner or what people would call a “normal” date. Now we have a family of our own and that’s all we do. We are an outdoors family. Whether we are fishing, hunting or just playing in the yard; we are outside. Both my husband and myself are volunteers with our local game and parks commission as certified youth fishing instructors. My husband is the owner and operator of Dragon’s Custom Rods. He repairs broken fishing rods and builds custom rods. We, as a family, have started running shoreline fishing tournaments at our local lakes.

The thing I love most about fishing is just being outside. I’m the type of person that doesn’t like being cooped up inside all the time. The other thing that I love about fishing is seeing the smiles on the kids faces when they catch their first fish. Or when they catch “the big one”!!! I love helping the kids and teaching them how to fish. If we can’t reach the next generation what is our world going to look like in the next 100 years? The number one thing that we teach is to clean up your area when you’re done. Even if you didn’t “trash” the area, pick it up anyways. I was taught to leave only my footprints and memories, now I teach the same!!! And I only hope the kids that I teach that to are going to take that to their future and teach the same thing as well!!!!

Meeting and working with Mike and Melissa has been an amazing adventure!!!! And I look forward to many more adventures with them!!!!