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Benefits of Sponsoring Fishing Friendzy


Traveling Exhibit

Ways to Sponsor

Casting Exhibit

Rods & Reels

Live Fish Pond

Live Fish


S.A.F.E Program

Ways to Sponsor

$500 per excursion

Sharing the cost between two sponsors is allowable.

Sponsors an individual from a partnered group or with a disability who is not able to get out on the water and enjoy the benefits of natural therapy. They will be able to experience a guided 4 hour fishing trip on a boat along with their guardian. 

The sponsoring company or individual(s) will be recognized through social media marketing as we showcase the excursion in a 3 part series.


Youth League

Ways to Sponsor

Monetary Ways to Sponsor 

Conservation/Location Entry Fees

Personalized Jerseys

Fishing Friendzy hats


League Operator Training

Products Sponsors



Tackle Boxes

Polarized Sunglasses

First Aid Kits



Ways to


Any donation is a huge help in assisting with operating costs for all of our programs. We strive to provide the best experience for all of our participants, volunteers and staff. With your help we can continue to grow and improve each event and program every year. This will allow us to continue connecting communities with nature. After all it is the best natural therapy and kids are the future!

Sponsorship Packages: Sponsor Packages
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