"This is in reference to Fishing Friendzy and Mike Sklad. I have had the pleasure of working with Mike Sklad Fishing Friendzy for the past several years. I have found Mike to be enthusiastic and co-operative. He has presented an exhibit on fishing which the public has found to be both educational and exciting. He gets the entire family involved but especially the children and he and his staff are patient and eager to impart their love of the sport. The exhibit is professional and fun and is always packed with our visitors. I would have no hesitation recommending Fishing Friendzy to any organization that is looking for an interesting and exciting exhibit. 

Paula Ellis 
Program Event Manager
Canadian National Exhibition CNE

Fishing Friendzy is an incredible environment for both kids and adults to interact with nature, each other and family! Mike is a great teacher and always takes the time to connect with everyone to make sure they are getting the most out of the experience. Get your kids off technology and into nature with Fishing Friendzy!!

Elizabeth April

Mike and his team are very knowledgeable and very friendly. Not only do they teach young kids about fishing but they also incorporate an environmental component throughout their activities which will help our children become conscious  of how their everyday actions affect our environment. Keep up the great work!

Maria Vasquez

The atmosphere is contagious! We had folks that didn't want to stop fishing.We had people who had never fished before. Fishing Friendzy people are always willing to help in any way they can.

Arron Slater

Mike has such a unique business. Educating the kids in communities across Ontario about fishing and nature. What an opportunity for parents to have this kind of help. Memories and friends are made for a lifetime.

Heather Bochek

Mike is incredible in helping the youth learn how to "fish" with Fishing Friendzy. Our children not only enjoyed the experience, but learnt some outdoor skills they will always remember. He is great for children with special needs. Very patient, and understanding. Key skills in helping them develop and grow. If you and your family are looking for an experience that you will never forget, spend a couple of hours with Mike and Fishing Friendzy and you won't regret it.

Ken Krakar

My son is crazy about fishing. Unfortunately for him, his parents don't know a lot about it. Fishing Friendzy was a great place for him to learn some real fishing tips from people that know what they are doing. He looked forward to each session and can't wait to sign up again next year. His sister is ready to sign up too! Excellent laid back program in the best classroom around: the great outdoors!

Shawna Armitage

Fishing Friendzy's Youth Fishing League is a fabulous program for those who would like to introduce their children to fishing. Mike is a very passionate angler and is very enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge and teaching others. I had the pleasure of volunteering one day and seeing first hand how great this program is.

Ava Wickens

Mike is living the dream and passing on his passion to so many youngsters who otherwise would not get the opportunity to fish. Getting kids outdoors and active is key and he's doing a great job. Honest, trustworthy and an all around quality family man. HIghly recommend getting involved with Mike, his family and Fishing Friendzy.

Greg McCubbins

Fishing Friendzy is a great program to get kids out in nature. They teach kids and parents how to fish. Mike Sklad is one of the best, most charismatic guys I have ever met. He has such a passion for fishing, the outdoors and for creating opportunities for the under privileged to get out in nature, have some laughs an catch some fish, with the S.A.F.E program. If you're looking for something to put your kids into Fishing Friendzy is an excellent program to get kids off the couch and to connect with nature.

Shane Richards

Fishing Friendzy is a fantastic way to introduce ANYONE to fishing, especially kids. A few years ago I saw their exhibit at the CNE and even though I am a fully grown adult, they were very nice in pointing me into the right direction to learn how to fish. Now I am a fishing addict. And its all because they took the time to talk to me all those years ago. Thank Mike and the team.

Marilu Carmona

Fishing Friendzy is an amazing learning tool to get young kids into the sport, everyone involved is extremely dedicated and it shows in their work. I had the opportunity to do my first fishing seminar with them and I cant thank them enough for helping me with a stepping stone into sharing my fishing stories with everyone.

Andrew Keating

Mike Sklad is a phenomenal person who takes the time to teach today's youth proper techniques and proper etiquette. This group is build by a solid team with hearts of gold. It's honestly unbelievable what they do.

Andrew Scarr

Such a wonderful initiative to get the young and old outdoors and passionate about fishing from an ecological and respectable perspective. I have never seen someone more passionate than Mike in providing education and sharing his love of fishing with others.

Kristen Wozniak

I've had the absolute pleasure of being involved with this great company and amazing people over the past several years. What this company had done for kids, even teenagers, and adults is such a blessing. If you have young kids and want tot get them involved with the outdoors, Fishing Friendzy has an awesome summer fishing program that does exactly that. They also go to different events each year in the southwestern parts of ONtario to teach everyone conservation and how we can do our part to help out.

Marco Dariano

Fishing Friendzy, well I had the pleasure to sign my son up twice now and will continue to do so. I also coached for 1 session and as an avid fisherman Mike certainly taught me some new stuff, the man is super knowledgeable and is super passionate about having kids get into nature and explore. Even if you don't catch any fish he shows you the importance of keeping the landscape clean. Thanks to Mike and his team for all of the fun we had.

Eddie Croft

Finding things my son enjoys can be difficult. Thankfully he found fishing. When I cam across Fishing Friendzy I was excited. It was something I knew would be a perfect fit for my guy. Mike has really started something that is needed in our world. Not only are kids getting outside and off screen, but they are also learning to appreciate the beautiful world around them and learning just how to preserve it from future generations. My guy loved everything about this program. I highly recommend it.

Tiffany Steadman Collins

I volunteered at the CNE with Mike and his team and it was an unforgettable experience as my life wasn't necessarily in the best state it had ever been in but the people and the program helped changed my life and made me realize that lending a helping hand meant more to those children than I could have ever imagined and ultimately made me a better man over all. Mike is awesome and what he does is truly heartfelt and I am glad to know such a great person.

Kyle Macneil

The experience that Fishing Friendzy provides can be life changing for a youngster. I have been lucky enough to help out many times and teaching kids what I know is priceless seeing them return years later getting more involved is the reward. I hightly recommend that ou bring your families out and see what amazing things await.

Mike Parker

Mike and team at Fishing Friendzy are doing a great job connecting kids to nature through its programs. Getting kids and families outdoors is important, so that when kids grow up, they want to protect what they love - fish, wildlife, and nature!

Teeg Stouffer

I have recently got to know the guys behind Fishing Friendzy. Let me tell you what an incredible program this is. It's more than just fishing. Mike, his wife and all the volunteers are doing something I wish we had when I was growing up. Teaching kids to fish, how to fish and most importantly how to just have fun and be outside enjoying nature's beauty. I have a 5 year old daughter who is my fishing sidekick and in 2 more years she will be a part of the youth fishing league. Mike and Melissa please continue to do what you are doing.You are doing incredible things with the kids.

Jeremy Harnum

Fishing Friendzy is a great way to learn how to fish, advance your learning about  fishing and learn pro angling tips! Whether your improving your accuracy at their casting area, testing your luck a the pond for real fishing or joining their Youth Fishing League, every experience is exciting and memorable. The staff is so charismatic and really love connecting kids with nature.

El Tomo


Connecting Communities Through Nature