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Larger Than Fishing...

Fishing isn't our only focus. It is much larger than that. The benefits of having kids involved in outdoor activities is so critical for their mental health. It also opens up their minds to multiple opportunities for a career in this industry.  We are possibly developing the next generation of kids who want to learn and education about conservation with leadership roles. This will grow the fishing and outdoors industry immensely. We need to lead by example through our teachings as early as we can. Kids who once visited our event are now volunteering with us for their high school community hours which is special. Mentorship is very important to us.

Pictured here is 
Mike Sklad

"2019 Environmental Awareness Award"

from Credit Valley Conservation (CVC)

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I like to dream big...

I am very proud of what we have accomplished thus far. To think all I wanted was to publish a kids fishing magazine (which I still haven't done yet) My creative mind is always thinking of ways to grow and improve our programs to be the best that they can be. And to offer the best experience for all who join. Maybe a tv show is in the future! IF you think there are ways we could collaborate I'd love to hear from you. Of if you would like to sponsor our programs or organization that would also be greatly appreciated and helpful. Here are some ways you support us. 


- Donate or sponsor live fish

- Title sponsor for events

- Hire us for your event

- Volunteer


- Provide product

- Monetary sponsor

- Run a youth league

- Coach or volunteer


- Sponsor us with a boat

- Purchase an experience

- Join us using your boat

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Michael Sklad, the proud founder of Fishing Friendzy Foundation, a non profit organization. I would love the opportunity to introduce my company. We currently run three programs. 

Our traveling exhibit

Youth Fishing League

S.A.F.E. (Sponsor A Fishing Experience)

Fishing Friendzy started with a small idea of publishing a kids fishing magazine and now here we are 15 years later. We had the opportunity to present a traveling fishing show to fairs and festivals across North America. Our first show as in 2008, Illinois. It was approximately 7500 sqft. It included a live fishing pond, casting area, fish replica identification, merchandise table, fishy photo booth, craft table and equipment showcases. 

After operating in the USA for a few years we were hired close to home by the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto, ON and set up there for 7 amazing years. All 18 days, 12 hour days. 

We have scaled it down to the two popular interactive stations, along with our 14' blow up fish and education banners. We provide both services together or individually based on what the event requires. 

We have see tens of thousands of people come through our exhibit. When we were at the CNE we noticed there were a number of families that hadn't experienced fishing. Most of which lived in the Toronto area and didn't have the opportunity or knowledge to do so. Typically fishing is an activity that has been passed down from past generations, and not everyone has had that benefit. 

We were very excited to be able to provide that for them with the development of our youth leagues. Because of their introduction and involvement at our show, many developed a new passion for fishing. We were than able to inform them of the surrounding sportsmen and outdoor shows available  where they could continue to be educated and get outfitted for all of their new fishing adventures. 

Who We Are: About
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