Our Fishing Excursions 

We showcase our guest’s life story on the water while enjoying the benefits of being out in nature.


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Our first trip out we took our good friend Mason. I met Mason 9 years ago a the CNE and he came five days in a row just to fish in our pond. I sat with him for hours fishing and we instantly created a life long friendship. Mason has spina bifida and was told her would never be able to walk. He also has a difficult time communicating because he can't speak, except he's learnt how to say "Mikey". He also drools from his mouth sometimes but we're not sure if that is from his condition or because he's 19 and loves flirting with cute girls. Lol. One thing about Mason that is much different from most people is that he has a magnetic energy that is full of joy and happiness. It's contagious being around him.He makes you laugh and he justLOVES to fish. Mason has the record for catching the most fish by far at the Fishing Friendzy traveling exhibit. He's not only caught the most fish but he often hands his catch over to young kids who may have never caught a fish in their lives. Mason brings out the best in people with his fun loving attitude and love for life. We couldn't think of anyone more deserving than Mason to join Mikey on the first S.A.F.E program outing. 

MIA (with Dad Jeremy)

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We ran a nomination style draw for someone to win a fishing trip with Mikey. Mia's dad nominated her because she had never been on a boat before. We drew their name and planned a trip to get on the water. She was very excited. She loved the swivel chair and challenged me to a spin. She was nervous at the beginning but got the hang of being in a boat by sorting some of my fishing tackle. Jeremy and I added some pan fish to live well and Mia took good care of them and even named them all. She was full of energy. Great job Jeremy for being an amazing father who loves to spend time outdoors with his daughter. 5 year old Mia caught a nice little pan fish. The sheer joy and excitement of a child catching a fish is amazing energy to be around. This is the reason why we teach kid's about fishing and respect for nature. When taking kids on the boat remember to dress them appropriately, pack snacks, keep hydrated, life jackets, & sun block. Oh and have FUN!


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Meet Austin. A grade 9 student from Orangeville. We hooked up with Austin and his Big Sister Carol through our partnership with Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Dufferin and district. 

Austin's story is one that really touches the heart. It's a similar story that we hear much too often. He grew up spending lots of time with his dad fishing, being outdoors and just bonding with each together. But sadly his father passed away and he no longer had someone to go fishing with. We are very proud to be able to re in still this passion of his and his late fathers to him. It's an activity that he can continue to remember his father by and all the good times they had shared together and one day possibly pass down to his children. A special thank you to Carol who has been a big sister for 20 years! We need more caring people like you in this world. 


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When Kelsey reached out to us to spread her message about the stigmas surrounding autism we made it a priority to get out on the water with her. Her message is powerful and important for us all to learn from. She has the ability to do anything she puts her mind to. She wanted to learn how to use a Baitcaster reel and she caught something amazing.

Kelsey is 28 and has been fishing since 2015. She wants to try to get more women and youth involved in the sport. Many with disabilities need the support as they have to rely on transportation from family and friends. She wants to get the word out for everyone to stop labelling.

We got to hear her story and how living with autism and all the misconceptions our society has about people with autism has inspired her to speak her truth. She is an amazing soul and is changing the world through positive education about autism and about getting outdoors connecting to nature which was our natural therapy. Oh and she loves to fish!

 We spent a great day on the water fishing but also enjoying the moments that happen in between the casts and catches. We saw a cormorant eating a minnow and some snapping turtles. 


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Max and I had a great time on the water together. He told me a ton of stories about his life, some time in the Air Force device in Ireland and Africa as well as stories from other chapters of his life. Max just wanted to get on the water and enjoy the day and didn't really care if we caught anything but we sure did reel them in. Max caught 5 different species of fish and we happily released them all back into their habitat. We were also able to enjoy such a beautiful and vibrant conservation area full of life. 


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