Francis Salcedo

We wish Francis the best on his retirement from fishing Friendzy. Francis has moved to Hawaii to follow his true passions of surfing, teaching yoga and spreading good vibes. We appreciate all you have done for us over the past 4 years. We are grateful for all your inspiration and guidance.

One love


How I got into fishing:
My fishing adventures began when I was very young, I made my first fishing device with a piece of wood, went to the store to buy some line, a hook and a nut-bolt for a weight, then got some shrimp and went to a pond near by to test it out. I had seen some older folks grabbing the line spinning it until they got enough momentum and released it at the right time. Lets just say that the only thing I caught that day was myself, I was literally hooked on fishing after that. Guess that was the Christmas my parents bought me a real rod and it was my favorite new toy, I remember my dad taking me along on road trips with his friends, we would catch our own bait and most days we would catch nothing else. It was disappointing but it has taught me to have more patience and the reason why fishing has been such a big part in my life. The best memories that I shared with him where of us fishing, It is still so clear in my mind the day he caught a huge fish, he was on
the shore casting when he screamed fish on, he fought it for what seemed like 20 minutes and then finally he reels it in. He was so happy to go back to show all the family. We jumped in his truck and when we pulled up to the house, my aunt was at the balcony and she screamed down “so did u catch anything?” and my dad at first was like “no luck today”, they laughed then he pulls out the fish and their jaws dropped, they all instantly cheered for him. They made a delicious meal that everyone loved and a fish story that will be in our hearts forever.

What I love most about fishing:
Spending time with family and friends is the most important and fishing has the power to bring us closer together. Spending time away from the city lifestyle and just relaxing on the boat with the sun shining is something everyone needs. Being outdoors reconnects you with nature. I believe that we should take time to experience what its like to breath some clean fresh air, we can all appreciate the beautiful things that mother earth has to offer and do our best to make a positive impact for the next generation of people who will be fishing and enjoying some good times out in the water waiting for the one that wont get away. Teaching conservation and having fun is why I love being an ambassador of fishing.