Marina Pinkus

My name is Marina! I love, love, love the water! Even my name means “from the sea”. So naturally I was drawn to fishing right away. I remember my grandpa showing me the ropes when I was very young at family picnics every summer. I even remember using basic bamboo pole fishing rods! As soon as it was introduced to me I loved it. Any chance I could I would go fishing. Even while attending camps or being anywhere around water I would be the one flipping rocks looking for cray fish and trying to catch minnows. I have always been very drawn to the water.

The older I have gotten the more I have gotten to learn about fishing and the different styles. I am blessed to have learned a lot about the sport through many friends I have made along my journey. I owe everything I know to all those people who have helped me along the way to my fishing goals!! Fishing truly helps you connect to people who have the same passion as you and that is one of the major reasons I love it so much. I also love that it allows you to connect with nature.

I fish for all species, some of my favourites include: Trout, Bass, Pike, Carp, and many (MANY) more. I use spinning gear as well as float fishing and have also recently gotten really into fly fishing!