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Connecting Communities Through Nature

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Kids Are The Future

Each angler receives a ton of goodies

Fishing Friendzy Jersey, Hat, Polarized Sunglasses, Rod/Reel Combo, Tackle Box, Lures, Location Entry Fees, Trophy, Individual Photos and a ton of fun!!! 

Each league gathers once a week. Four weeks in total for 2 hours. All Fishing is shoreline. Each team (up to 4 participants) have a coach. Parent volunteers are highly encouraged to experience getting out in nature with your child.

It’s educational and FUN! 

THANK YOU TO OUR 2024 SPONSORS.  Without your support these leagues wouldn't be as awesome as they are! 


Sponsor A Fishing Experience

Our S.A.F.E Program allows business’ and individuals to sponsor a fishing excursion. Michael Sklad owner of Fishing Friendzy will take out the selected guest on a donated boat. Without the support and generosity of our sponsors in sharing our vision this program wouldn’t be possible. 

This is a program where we are able to give back to our community. To give an opportunity to underprivileged children, people with disabilities, as well as war veterans to come out on the water with us to connect to nature. Some real life natural therapy for those who need it most. 

We have had the pleasure of working with Big Brothers & Sisters,  Royal Legion Veterans, Individuals with Autism, Spina Bifida & Underprivileged Children 



Casting & Live  Fishing Pond

Our traveling exhibit is designed to introduce kids and families to fishing in a positive way. One of our exhibits we set up a pond with live farmed fish at events all over Ontario and give kids an opportunity to try to catch a fish while learning what ethical angling means to us. We practice catch and release at our pond and we always find a home for our farmed fish after each event. This is a great way for kids to watch the fish and see how they react to different baits and movements. Catching a live fish is very exciting and draws us back to the lake or river time and time again to try to get another one. Having an experience of catching a fish or even watching someone else catch a fish is what gets kids hooked on fishing. 
The other traveling exhibit we operate is a casting exhibit. The first step in learning how to fish is casting so we eliminated the dangers of hooks, live fish with teeth and spikes and made it into a fun game for kids. It’s a way we can teach kids how to properly cast and wind up different types of fishing reels. We set up targets and have plastic fish to catch.

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Fishing Friendzy 

Welcome to the Fishing Friendzy website. We are dedicated to getting kids and families out into nature with our specific programs. Our popular youth fishing league has kids learning about ethical angling while having a lot of fun. While our S.A.F.E. Sponsor A Fishing Experience program focuses on offering fishing experiences for kids or veterans that may not have the chance or opportunity to get out into nature and on the water to enjoy all of the therapeutic benefits.

We also offer specific events like workshops, and our travelling exhibit which consists of two elements. Our live fish pond and our casting area. Both appear at various fishing shows and fairs across Ontario year after year. 

Be sure to stay connected through our social media channels for current updates on all of the above. Feel free to contact us at any time for all inquiries. 

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Sponsorship Opportunites

Fishing Friendzy is always looking for like minded individuals and companies to help our programs grow. 

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Fishing Friendzy is a family owned company run by a husband and wife team, Michael and Melissa Sklad. They have 4 free spirited children that are the their pride and joy.

Their dedication to educating kids about fishing has grown Fishing Friendzy to be leaders of kids catching their very first fish. Michael and Melissa believe that kids and parents need to spend more time in nature bonding with each other and getting in touch with our natural environment.

Through their passion of fishing and being positive role models, they have brought fishing to families who don’t have someone or somewhere to teach. Kids are the future and by instilling the love for fishing in them they believe when those children grow up to be politicians, CEO’s, teachers and more, they will make those choices that will benefit our environment.

We encourage catch and release but its much more than that. Connecting kids to nature will ensure they have a deep appreciation for it and will in turn protect it. Always be open to learning new things and seeing from someone else’s perspective.

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“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you”

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Being part of the Fishing Friendzy is a great way to keep updated with all of our family events, youth leagues, angling tips, and more. It is a monthly newsletter. 

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